Benelli B3R Dynamic Features
B3R Dynamic dashboard


The multifunctional LCM dashboard with backlight gives you a direct control on every function of your watercraft and together with the GPS locator, displays an accurate measure of your extreme speed.

B3R Dynamic steering

Adjustable Steering

The adjustable steering in HPDC gives the possibility to find the best position for every driver and the Ergal handlebar, with co-molded grips and Benelli logo, grants an optimal rigidity for your safety.

B3R Dynamic braking

Dynamic Brake System

The Dynamic Brake System allows you to actively decelerate the vehicle and to stop the runabout early and safely.

B3R Dynamic nose

Hydro Dynamic Nose

The Hydro Dynamic Nose allows excellent drivability and thanks to the integrated front splash deflectors, protects you against water spray. The reinforced bumpers are perfectly incorporated with the edge of the hull.

B3R Dynamic sponson

Adjustable rear sponsons

Fully adjustable rear sponsons to tailor your ride: higher position for improved stability, lower position for more aggressive turning capability.

B3r Dynamic storage

Storage extension

The additional storage space, under the rear section of the comfort seat, allows to bring and keep dry all necessary supplies for your excursions.

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